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Puzzle Point

Puzzle Point is Cyprus-based game developer and publisher established in 2019. We’re a team of professionals united by a passion for puzzles and an ambition to make the best games on the market!

Our mission

Is to create top-quality mobile games that are easy to learn, hard to master, and fun for everyone!

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Tropic Mania


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Tropicmania: Match-3 adventure

We are making Tropicmania to be the ultimate match-3 experience, with approachability, depth of gameplay and technical excellence as the three main pillars.

For casual players, its light puzzle levels and beautiful vistas provide a simple, relaxing adventure, while more skilled gamers will find plenty of challenge in its side activities and events.

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We offer

  • Education

    Education and growth

    We foster comprehensive professional and personal development, compensate for courses, studies, psychologists, etc.

  • Remote work

    Remote work opportunities

    You can work with us remotely from anywhere in the world, or on-site in our Limassol office

  • Flexible working

    Flexible working hours

    If our standard work schedule is not convenient for you, we’ll take your circumstances into account and find a way to personalize it!

  • Career growth

    Career building and advancement

    We provide competitive salaries with increases in accordance with professional growth, individual plans for each employee, and the ability to change fields of activity

  • Friendly atmosphere

    Friendly atmosphere

    We strive for openness and positivity, with approachable management and direct communication at all levels

  • Lifestyle

    Not just work, but lifestyle

    We conduct off-work activities, discussions and get-togethers, organize lectures on topics requested by the team, and generally love to socialize!

Our team

  • What makes this place great is the people! I’ve made a lot of good friends over the years working here, and we often communicate off-work, despite living in different countries

    Game designer

    Game Designer

  • In the time i’ve been working here, I feel I’ve really improved my skills. And I can always count on help from my co-workers when I need it

    2d animator

    2D Animator

  • Joining Puzzle Point was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The team around me is amazing and often brings a smile to my face. I’ve met many people of different nationalities, and learn something new about life and work each day

    Managing Director

    Managing Director

  • I love the «no red tape» approach. You can come up with a cool idea, and the next day everybody’s already working on it. The informal style of communications really helps to work quickly, efficiently and with little to no stress



  • It’s my absolute favorite job in the world! We’ve got an interesting project, an easygoing atmosphere and a super-friendly team. The management’s support and genuine interest in employee development is inspiring. I feel like I’m in a cozy house with interesting tasks and friends by my side

    Creative Producer

    Creative Producer

  • I’ve been working at Puzzle Point for a little over three years, and I must say I was really lucky to find a company with such cool people! Everyone is open and friendly. I’m proud to be a part of this company and happy to contribute to its overall success

    Level Designer

    Level Designer


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